character design

emotional sharks

A study of emotion, this series of illustrations was a blast to make. It began by observing sharks – specifically tiger sharks – and sketching them to see how they look, move, and act. Following that was simplifying those sketches and giving them some personality. The line drawings were topped off with an acrylic wash and some minor Photoshop color correction. All in all, it was a pretty emotional experience.

costumed cats

Originally intended as a joke, these felines were so fun to make that there was no choice but to go digital with them. After several incarnations, the line art was scanned into Adobe Illustrator and digitally traced. Color was added to the drawing, followed by a layer of shadows, and finally a few highlights. While additional shading was intended at inception, I ultimately decided against it, feeling as though the more limited shading was more akin to the goofy nature of the piece. Costumed Cats